Arkansas is known for its diamond mine where you can dig for diamonds but did you know that in Mineral Wells Texas you can dig for ancient fossils? Mineral Wells Fossil Park is the perfect family fun adventure for this Spring or Summer.

Mineral Wells Fossil Park will bring the Indiana Jones or Luara Croft right out of you. Fossils found here date back to just over 300 million years old, best of all, whatever you find you can take home for personal use only. Managed by the Mineral Wells Parks and Recreation and in association, with the Dallas Paleontological Society, your family will truly enjoy collecting well-preserved "Pennsylvania Period."

The Fossil Park is a result of 20 years of erosion of Mineral Wells landfill borrow pit, which was shut down in the early 1990s. Several digs in this region have found an assortment of fossils such as an ancient sea species of crinoids better known as sea lilies, fossilized urchins, clams, and oysters, corals, plants, just to name a few. Don't be surprised if you find shark teeth from a primitive shark as seen in the video below.

Many paleontologists along with gem and mineral groups have made this their sacred ground when it comes to fossil digs in this region. So, if you are ready for an expedition the Mineral Wells Fossil Park awaits you. If you plan on making a visit this Spring or Summer make sure you take plenty of water and wear loose-fitting clothes as it gets very hot in the borrow pit.

The park is open daily from 8AM until dusk, admission FREE.

For more information and park guidelines, please visit their website or Facebook page. Mineral Wells is located West of Dallas/Fort Worth about 4 hours from Texarkana.

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