The spooky season is here and every town has its secrets or mysteries that may reveal a haunting past or historical moment. If you ever been downtown Hot Springs I know you've seen this building but do you know what lies beneath?

Last week I took you to Hot Springs to tell you about the mysterious road where a strange occurrence happens when you put your car in neutral. This week, thanks to the Hot Springs Broadcast Network, did you know about the abandoned underground bowling alley where gangsters use to gather for a good time to escape from law enforcement officials. For years, Hot Springs is known for being a gangster haven for people like Al Capone who made frequent visits to the Spa City to get away from the glitz and glamor lifestyle. It's no secret that Hot Springs was a gambling hot spot with underground tunnels all over the city and some of those hidden tunnels remain today including one in the bowling alley that leads out to a side street.

The building where the bowling alley is located is in the Dugan and Stuart Building which was built in the roaring 20s housed medical offices. In the 1950s the building was remodeled and turned into the Wheatley Hotel. In fact, today there is a plaque that reads, there is a bowling alley in the basement. The video was shot in 2015, and it clearly shows that some of the names of its bowlers and their scores remain intact on the wall.

So, the next time your strolling downtown Hot Springs, you may want to stroll by the building, who knows you may see the ghost of Al Capone.

Watch this interesting video on the Hot Springs underground tunnels. Just a little creepy!

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