Mothman? Really? Or could there be a reasonable explanation for this moving dark shadow recorded right here near downtown Texarkana?

The owner of the video graciously allowed me to post it here to maybe help solve the mystery of, what the heck is that?

This video was taken in Texarkana, Texas. It was nighttime, the video is from a typical night vision security system camera set up to keep an eye on the stuff in their back yard. Just a clear night with seemingly nothing happening, then who or what caused the large shadow in this family's back yard in the middle of the night?

Check out the video below, we're looking for reasonable explanations here or reasonable paranormal ones.

Could it be...

  • a plane? Not likely since it's not plane-shaped.
  • a bird? Nope, no wings in the shadow, just a big blob.
  • a helicopter? Nah, you can hear there is no noise in the yard except a dog barking nearby.
  • a satellite? Probably not, the shadow would be much bigger and moving at an extremely high rate of speed.

The "no wings" thing probably rules out Mothman as well as they supposedly have very large wings. Then what? Shadow figure? Demon? Ghost?

You should also notice in the video that the shadow moves under the rear of that pickup in the driveway and then up the tree and appears to move its trajectory as it moves up the tree.

Creepy huh?

What do you think it is?

Do you like snakes?

Sweetwater, Texas does, they just wrapped another successful Rattlesnake Roundup for 2022, and some people are not happy about it.

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