Every state has its sarcastic stereotypes. Is this the one that sums us up?

Let's face it, not every person is perfect and as a result not every state is perfect. We love where we live (hopefully), but it isn't always sunshine and rainbows, right? There are things about our home state that we would like to change or at least alter in some sense. Sometimes it's these very no-so-perfect things that contribute to our state's stereotypes, regardless if they are true or not.

Recently, TwentyTwoWords.com took a look at the state across our great nation. They believe that they found the "Single Sarcastic Line from a Bitter Resident" that describes each state. It's all in good fun though. After all, being able to laugh at yourself is one of the best qualities we can have.

So here's the sarcastic line sums up Arkansas:

Meth, ag and horse races.

What do you think? Did they nail this one on the head? Or are they completely off the mark?

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