Whether it's for your home construction project or for your next big party, Dot's Rentals & Sales has everything you need. No matter the job large or small #DotsGotIt! And why would you buy it when you only need something for a few days?

Renting their equipment saves you time and whether it's for a party or household project, you'll not only be saving money, but their experts will be able to help guide you.

They've been locally owned and operating and serving the four states area for more than 30 years. They even offer delivery.

Dot's Rentals & Sales

If you're planning a party -- or wedding -- they offer competitive pricing on everything from centerpieces and backdrops to food presentation and lighting. If you're having a weekend event -- you'll only pay a one-day rental fee (for Friday through Monday rentals).

For homeowners, their expansive line of equipment includes everything you'll need for your project from hand tools to lawn maintenance, and more they'll have everything you need. And if you're a contractor they have you covered with everything from concrete needs to water pumps and more.

Ready to learn more? Visit their website or call them at 903-792-7011.

Dot's Rentals & Sales