Would you be able to survive for 19 days in the wilderness?I bet many hunters in Texarkana would know what to do to stay alive.

Gene Penaflor, 72, ate squirrels, snakes and algae, among other things, to keep up his strength after he was separated from his deer hunting partner and knocked unconscious after slipping down a steep slope in Mendocino National Forest, a vast nature preserve in northern California.

Due to dizziness and disorientation, Penaflor stayed in one place to wait for rescue. While in the forest, the temperature dipped low enough that he encountered snow a couple of times. He used the inside of trees and leaves as insulation for warmth.

When another hunting party heard Gene crying for help, they called the police. The police were able to triangulate the cell phone used by the hunting party to locate Penaflor when 911 was called. He was taken to a hospital where was treated and released.