Are you ready for deer season? Archery deer season begins September 25, in Arkansas. Did you know the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission has 20 ranges in the state where you practice your skills for free?

Whether you are a seasoned veteran deer hunter or just hunting for the very first time there is a precise skill needed when using archery equipment for the first time. According to Curtis Gray, Arkansas National Archery in the Schools Program coordinator he said the idea is to offer that next step from shooting bows in a classroom to getting outdoors and fully enjoying the sport of archery. Whether you're climbing into a treestand or hunting from a deer blind you in order to be accurate it takes a lot of practice to get to the level you desire. The sport of archery has fast become popular not with just kids but with all ages.

Hit the target
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Many of the wildlife management areas have bag targets but some of the nature centers and the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission shooting range in Mayflower has a variety of 3D targets for which to shoot. 3D offers a more realistic view of what a hunter will see and shoot therefore sharpening their skills as a bowhunter.

One of the newest 3D ranges is at the Northwest Arkansas Ozark Highlands Nature Center in Springdale with the hopes for more to be constructed when the funds become available.

Gray encourages hunters that when they are prepping to make sure they check their deer stands for wear and tear from straps to harnesses because some could be affected by wild animals that may have chewed on them and could give away. It's also important to prep the area around the stand for proper yardage and distance. And when practicing to throw on some usual hunting gear because weather conditions will be a lot different than summer and you could struggle with shooting if you are not used to it.

Whitetail Deer
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For updates and more information please visit the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission website.

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