You've read about the best-laid plans of mice and men, that includes radio guys too apparently. We planned a nice little "Facebook Live" interview with Emily Eudy from the Girl Scout Diamonds this morning at 10:00 am, right when our show was over. If you were planning on watching it live, we're sorry, we tried.

We simply could not get the phone to connect to Facebook and stream the video, tried 5 times before we gave up and just simply videoed the interview. So after waiting forever for the video to upload (tick, tock, tick, tock), here it is!

Emily Eudy is with the Girl Scouts Diamonds of Texarkana, and in today's interview she got us up to date on Girl Scout Cookie deliveries, they're in by the way, and we also talked about the upcoming Scout-O-Rama 2018 in which the Girl Scouts are joining the Boy Scouts once again at Spring Lake Park on the weekend of April 27 - 29, open to the public on Saturday, April 28.

More information at and

Enjoy the video!


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