Would you drive a friend home that had been drinking if he/she called you?

Many of us would pick up our friend rather than let them drive home intoxicated. Erin Cox, a 17-year-old North Andover Massachusetts High School volleyball player, states she was helping a friend in need by serving as a designated driver. However, North Andover Massachusetts High School disagrees.

The school stripped Erin of her title as team captain and suspended her for five games “after arriving to pick up a friend right as the police arrived at a party where a dozen teens were arrested for underage drinking.” according to Today.

This action was taken despite an officer’s statement that Erin wasn't drinking. Although the North Andover School District will not comment on matters involving the discipline of Erin Cox, her family is considering a lawsuit against the school and is circulating a Change.org petition to reinstate her as captain of the volleyball team.