Yesterday, the makers of the popular video game "Guitar Hero", Activision Blizzard Inc., announced they would halt production of the game.

Unfortunate, but sales have been in decline and after Viacom announced they were selling the production studio that developed the "Rock Band" game two months ago this comes as no surprise.

My kids have most of the "Guitar Hero" games and we've had a blast the past few years playing them. But, to quote Tracy Lawrence; "Time Marches On" and like PacMan and so many other popular games, this one has run its course. Years from now we'll all look back and remember when we were "Guitar Hero's", battling it out with great guitarists like Slash or Angus Young.. ahhh.. how sweet it was.

So, farewell Guitar Hero. Even for those like me who couldn't play a real guitar if my life depended on it, you made us rock stars. If only for a moment.