The Fourth of July is almost here which means you might start hearing a few fireworks pop off in your neighborhood. Did you know that that is against the law in the Texarkana city limits?

The First Responders in Texarkana are sending out an important reminder about firework safety and responsibilities. And they aren't messing around. Back in 2022 a few Texarkana Arkansas police officers were attacked with fireworks and injured.

There are some laws in both the cities of Texarkana that you need to about or you will be fined and possibly prosecuted.

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Shooting Fireworks in the City Limits

First, the TAPD reminds you that shooting fireworks inside the city limits is against the law. It is a violation of a city ordinance and if you are convicted you will be fined $145.

Shooting Fireworks at Someone

Also shooting fireworks in the direction of someone, including first responders, will not be tolerated. The activity will be investigated.

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Robert Mizerek

Did you know that shooting fireworks at a police officer or first responder will result in felony charges? Those charges could get you in prison from 10 to 40 years and even to life in prison. Don't Do It.

Handcuff in Jail

Parents -You Could be Held Responsible for Your Kids' Actions

Parents, did you realize that you are responsible for your kids' actions if they are under  18 years old?  Did you know that you could be held responsible for your child's actions? Talk to them about it and make sure they know the laws.

Let's all try to have a great Fourth of July and even better...let's have a safe one too. You can find out more on the Texarkana Arkansas Police Facebook page.

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