The Texas Economic Development Council (TEDC) has announced approval of the first S.T.A.R. Designated Site in the state of Texas, and it is our own TexAmericas Center.

Texas’ first STAR designation was achieved through a complex approval process that began in 2014, to verify sites which meet certain criteria and are fully-documented as “Sites That Are Ready” for construction to begin; this expedites the decision making process for site selectors and industry leaders considering a location for future development. “Being a S.T.A.R. site signifies that your community understands that speed-to-market means speed-to profit. The earlier a company can begin operations the faster it can begin selling or shipping goods,” said Carlton Schwab, President/CEO, TEDC.

The 101-acre property, located just west of Texarkana on I-30 and neighboring the Red River Army Depot in Bowie County, Texas, has become the first site to meet all of the rigorous criteria set forth by the TEDC’s documented site program, S.T.A.R. Sites. TexAmericas Center owns and operates one of the largest mixed-use industrial parks in the United States. With more than 12,000 acres of land and about 3 million square feet of commercial and industrial product, TexAmericas Center services the four state area Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas.  Tenants of TexAmericas Center tend to be private business owners and corporations seeking flexible and cost effective space solutions. For more information visit their website TexAmericas Center.

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