Good News! The official Grand Opening of Bringle Lake Park East and West has been set for Friday, August 22 at 10 a.m. on the east side of the lake.

Bringle Lake West

Located alongside University Drive and nearby to the Texas A&M Texarkana Campus and the Texarkana Golf Ranch. This seven acre park features two piers, covered playground equipment, an exercise equipment station, sand volleyball courts and a 1500 sq. ft pavilion overlooking the lake. Bringle Lake West also features a trail that will lead you to the new Bringle Lake Boardwalk surrounded by woods and lots of great views of the lake along the way to Bringle Lake East Park.

 Bringle Lake Park East

Bringle Lake Park Road is the newest addition to the Texarkana Parks and is also located adjacent to University Drive. This secluded eight acre park sits on the east side of Bringle Lake and is surrounded by lots of trees, woods and natural beauty for a picturesque setting. The park features a floating fishing pier, playground equipment for the kids and 10 single pavilions for small gatherings. Bringle Lake East trail also connects you to the new Bringle Lake Boardwalk that will take you on a relaxing walk and into the Bringle Lake West Park.

Texarkana should be very proud to have this beautiful park in their community to enjoy for generations to come.

For more information call 903-798-1743 or go to this website.

Here's an aerial video taken by TXK back in May.

(Source:City of Texarkana, Texas & Txk Today)