My wife finds some of the neatest stuff online, but I think this one may be her best find yet. It's a called "The Wonderbag," and it's revolutionizing cooking here at home and helping families all over the world.

Seriously, this amazing little bag does something that the pioneers probably knew how to do but with all of today's modern cooking methods, we had forgotten about. Imagine replacing your crockpot-type cooker with something that needs no electricity, yet keeps cooking your food for up to 12 hours. That's the Wonderbag.

We have only used ours once since purchasing it, my wife put together a slow cooking pork roast dish with potatoes and carrots in a chicken broth and a few spices, brought the whole thing to a boil for a couple of minutes, took it directly from the stove to the Wonderbag, covered it up and cinched the bag and let it sit there on the counter. The meal continued to cook for the next 7 hours. When we opened it to see if it worked or not, the meal-in-a-pot inside the Wonderbag was done, and perfect and delicious.

Every Scout troop should have one of these, anyone who goes camping and wants to get out of the kitchen and have some fun, folks that like to leave something cooking at home but hates the idea of leaving appliances on when you're not there. In other words, just about everyone.

We haven't tried this yet but they also claim that it will keep stuff cold as well as hot.

But wait, there's more!

When you purchase one of these through their website, another one will be given to folks who need one in Africa. Bonus!

Something that works and helps others! What a concept.

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