With Labor Day weekend coming up it's always a big weekend for grilling. It's almost a guarantee that you are going to have a burger. Who doesn't love a good hamburger? There are some things to remember when grilling burgers that will make a big difference.

According to Thrillist

Don't buy the fattiest hamburger meat.

“You’re going to be in trouble if you have a high-fat burger on a very hot grill. It will cause a high flare-up, particularly if you put more than one on there. You’re going to get too much crust before the burger even cooks. If you want really high heat, you can go with a leaner burger and put it directly on the grill.”

Watch the amount of salt you add and when you add it.

"... try to avoid seasoning a burger mix with salt. Ground beef is very susceptible to the salt drawing up moisture. The texture will completely change. It won’t be as juicy and has the potential to get quite rubbery. You only want to season it on the outside, right before you put it on the grill.”

Oh, and here's a great video to show you some more tricks for the perfectly grilled burger.


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