Lost in Space - The Robinsons' Journey [HD] Netflix - YouTube[/caption]From 60's TV series to a major motion picture, that bombed by the way, and now back to TV. Only this time it looks like it might be the movie we wish the movie had been, only much better. It's almost time to welcome back the Robinson family get ready to get "Lost In Space".

There are some terrific actors in this and some that may be new to you of course; Toby Stevens who is the dad of this little group, John Robinson, also recently played Captain Flint in the HBO pirate series "Black Sails". Molly Parker plays Maureen Robinson, you're probably familiar with her work in the Netflix series "House Of Cards".

Mina Sundwall, Taylor Russell and Maxwell Jenkins play the rest of the Family Robinson but here's the interesting twist, the loathsome Dr. Smith is being played by a woman this time, her name is Parker Posey. Nice.

The story takes place just 30 years in the future and mankind is venturing out to populate other planets when things go horribly wrong for one of the families selected.

I've tossed a couple of trailers down below for you to check out if you haven't seen anything about it yet.

Netflix debut is Friday, April 13.

It looks great!




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