Members of the Miller County 4-H Club showed up at the radio station this past Friday to throw a pie in my face.

Actually, the thrower was our very own Andi Darby who enjoyed it way too much. I'm not kidding. It basically works like this. Someone nominates you to be "pied," and you take a pie in the face. You can refuse the pie and then nominate someone else for $30 or simply take the pie in the face for no money.

Here's me taking one for the team. Where were Jim and Lisa?

4-H clubs are organized groups of youth who select officers and are supported by trained adult volunteer leaders. The 4-H club conducts meeting and educational activities throughout the year. Club meetings typically include business conducted by officers, an educational program, and a team building or recreational activity. Clubs offer opportunities for leadership and community service activities. With more than 807 clubs established across Arkansas, you can be a part of 4-H wherever you live. Youth between the ages of 5 and 19 are invited to join the 133,000 young people involved in the Arkansas 4-H program. Miller County was 1 out of 13 County chosen in the state of Arkansas to participate in a In School 4-H Polite program.

4-H Volunteers are those special person who work on behalf of the 4-h program at the county level and who are not paid for their service. Direct volunteering involves adults working closely with youth. Indirect volunteering encompasses supporting the 4-H program through fund raising, judging, serving as a committee member, donating money and other support services. If it was not for our volunteers, 4-H would not be the great success it is today.

Remember all donations are tax deductible. To nominate someone (not me) please call 870-779-3609 or go to this website.

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