The Bowie County 4-H Livestock Club was awarded 2nd place in the Herdsman competition at the recent Junior Heifer show in Ft. Worth.

A committee appointed by the Fort Worth Stock Show management makes inspections during the show to determine those who, in their judgment, make the best herdsman.  They take into consideration not only the cleanliness of the stall area but also the adherence to tie out times, rules and cooperation with show officials, personal appearance, promptness and team work.

Bowie County 4-H was represented by seventeen youth exhibiting heifers, lambs and steers in Ft. Worth.  These youth will also be traveling to San Angelo, San Antonio, Houston and Austin this spring.

This is a great group of young people, it is really a joy to work with them and their families says Cherrie Curtis, Bowie County 4-H Agent.  They work together so well.  The youth range in age from 4th grade to 12th grade. Clover Kids also participate in the project activities but do not travel with the team.  The older, more experienced youth are always helping the younger, less experienced youth with their projects and teaching them what they have learned.

For more information on how to get involved in the 4-H, contact the Extension office at 903-628-6702 or email Cherrie at