Thanks very much to our hosts Thursday for the Annual Sam's Town Casino Charity Slot Tournament. As always, we had a great time, ate some delicious food, and lost... again!

Thank goodness Mario and I don't have to make a living gambling, we would starve to death. Our apologies to our chosen charities we were hoping to donate oodles of monies to when we won this year, cause once again, we won babba-stinky, nuttin', nadda, zilch, zip and squat! We're not even going to tell you which charities we we had chosen for the money to go to, that way no one in particular can be mad that we lost, right?

We did our best, maybe next year.

We met some really nice folks from the Shreveport Times and T.W. Starr from the KTBS early, early morning news show. One of the few people I know of that get up earlier than and me, Lisa and John.

While we were there the fine folks at Sam's Town had us try the new menu items from Smokey Joe's restaurant. While everything was delicious of course may I suggest a few of the items that I really liked;

The Bar-B-Que Ribs and Chicken were mighty tasty, and the twice-baked mashed potatoes and fried green beans were terrific. You might even be brave enough to try the Big Ace Burger... pun intended. The bun weighs in at 1 1/2 pounds with 20oz of hamburger plus bacon, cheddar cheese and veggies. It's really enough to feed 4 people but if you think you can handle it all by yourself, they will let you try. If you succeed during the month of May, it's free! I think they will give you a t-shirt too although it may have to be two sizes larger than when you came in.

Check out the pics!