A new round of Lay's potato chip flavors are here to make America tasty again!

Do you have a trigger food? You know, the food that once you start eating it you can't stop? For me that's just food in general, but I also know that chips don't last long in my house. The way I consume chips could seriously send me to the finals with a Golden Ticket on America's Got Talent...

Which is why I have to watch myself around Lay's new round of flavors.

Lay's has released a Taste of America line and Texas is definitely included. One of the eight flavors is Chile Con Queso which is described as a "legendary Tex-Mex taste of velvety cheddar queso with a dash of spice." It's origin is Texoma, Mountain and Southern California. We're sure that these chips are even better when dipped in actual chile con queso...


Other flavors and their origin include:

Cajun Spice - Central Gulf
Deep Dish Pizza - Heatland and Mid-America
Fried Pickles & Ranch - Midwest
Pimento Cheese - Southeast
New England Lobster Roll - Northeast
Chesapeake Bay Crab Spice - Mid-Atlantic
Thai Sweet Chili - Pacific Northwest

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