Attention criminals and criminal wannabes, Lt. Higgins of the St. Landry Parish Sheriff's office spells it out pretty well on what's going to happen if you keep robbing that Piggly Wiggly.

This is my kinda cop!

Frankly, I've always wanted to do a blog about a Piggly Wiggly 'cause when I was little and they still existed in the Dallas/ Ft. Worth area, my dad always called them the Hoggly  Woggly.

But this really isn't about the thefts from the local neighborhood grocery store as it is about Lt. Higgins of the Sheriff's Office there in St Landry Parish, La. This is a cop's cop, the John Wayne, ride in and take 'em down kinda guy you want in your local police. He's one of the good guys who's working hard to keep his Parish safe and deserves some positive recognition.

You can keep up with the St. Landry Parish Sheriff's through their Facebook page or for just Lt. Higgins Crime Stoppers Reports check out the KATC website.