Miller County Sheriff's Office is proud to announce and welcome the newest member of their force.

Introducing K9 Officer Jett. It's been 15 years since the Miller County Sheriff's Office has had a K9 Unit.

Deputy Shane Johnston took an 8-week K9 handler course in Mississippi. He is now certified with K9 Officer Jett.

Aaron Savage, Townsquare Media
Aaron Savage, Townsquare Media

Jett is an 18-month-old Dutch Shepherd/Malinois mix. He and Deputy Johnston have been on the job together for three weeks.

Jett has been trained to help the Miller Couty Sheriff's Office with narcotics and the apprehension and tracking of suspects, plus handler protection.

Jett is also gentle. The Miller County Sheriff's Office wanted a K9 that would be gentle with children so they could take him around to school for the children to see.


According to KTAL, The money raised to purchase Jett came from Arklatex 100 with a $12,000 grant, Plus money from The United States Police Canine Association and donations made by local businesses and organizations.

Give a warm welcome to Deputy Johnston and K9 Officer Jett if you see them around town.

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Ever wonder what K9 stands for? When you hear it you might feel a little silly, It stands for...Canine.

Did you know the first use of dogs in police work dates back to 1888 in England when London Police officers used dogs to try and track down Jack the Ripper?

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