Wednesday (April 25) was National Telephone Day and of course, we all love our phones, but what about landlines? Do you still have one?

I know now it's hard to even imagine not having a cell phone but it all started with landline telephones. Thank you Alexander Graham Bell!

According to Ooma a voice over internet service says there are still a few benefits to go old landlines:

Did you know the 911 can't locate your smartphone's location?

Eavesdropping is easy on smartphones - There's a backdoor built into every cell phone call allowing anyone who can hack to listen in on your private conversations.

International calls can get really expensive - yeah, no explanation needed here!

On a landline, when was the last time you had a dropped call? I thought so.

With all the great things about cell phones, I still am reluctant to give up our landline, even though I seem to never answer our landline! How about you? Take our poll below!

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