Every year I love to track Santa as he delivers presents all over the world. Did you know you can track him all day this Friday on Christmas Eve day? 

My husband has family in England and Australia so I love to check and see when Santa is in those countries. It's easy to track Santa thanks to the fine people at NORAD.

Santa's Sleigh

When You Track Santa You'll Be Able to See Exactly Where in the World He's Delivering Presents

You'll be able to see where Santa has just been, where he is currently and where his next stop will be. It also shows you how many presents he's delivered, and you will be amazed at the number of presents Santa delivers. At the NORAD website, they also have information about Santa plus fun games and activities.

Photo by Alicia Slough on Unsplash
Photo by Alicia Slough on Unsplash


Find Out What Santa's Favorite Snack Is

They also give us priceless information about what Santa likes to eat so kids can leave his favorite snacks out when he comes to your house. You'll find out that information in the video below.

Check out the NORAD Tracks Santa Facebook page for updates. The Official NORAD Santa Tracker!

You Can Keep Up With Santa All Christmas Eve Day on Your Phone

They also have a phone app. Making it so much easier to track Santa. I think my husband gets a little tired of me giving him updates throughout the day as to where Santa is but if I didn't he'd probably think I'm running a fever or something. Download the app now so you can track Santa throughout the day on Friday, December 24. You can download the apps on the NORAD website or where ever you get your favorite apps.

The History of NORAD Tracking Santa

Below is a video that showed the history of NORAD tracking Santa.

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