Valentine's Day is this Wednesday, Feb. 14 and it's a great day if you have someone to share it with, not so good if you're single. Some people think Valentine's Day is just a commercial overblown holiday, but the fact remains, whether you hate it or love it Valentines is here to stay.

St. Valentine’s Day the original name, represents a spiritual celebration of one or more early saints named Valentinus. This special day has always been associated with romance and love dating all the way back to the Middle Ages. But it wasn’t until the late 18th Century in England where it turned into a day to express your love with flowers, candy and cards.

Many couples will treat their loved one with dinner or to a romantic getaway out of town But no matter how you choose to spend Valentine’s Day, make sure you take the time to tell that special person, what he or she means to you.

So if you are having a hard time trying to come up with unique ways to say "I Love You," take a look at these videos and let the lovefest begin.

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