What a perfect weekend for a "Fly-In" at Texarkana Regional Airport, a what terrific job Twin City Flyers did for their first time to put one on.

Just like any organization I'm sure there's a lot they learned this time that will make the next one smoother, bigger and better. But I thoroughly enjoyed this one.

Some of the highlights for me included getting to talk to the loadmaster on the Air Force C117 for a little while. Usually these guys are shuffling people through and answering a lot of questions at fairly rapid pace. My son Tyler and I got there early enough that things weren't too busy just yet and the young man enough time to hold a conversation with us. Nice guy, a credit to the Air Force.

Watch for that restored Piper Cub on display was one of the finest restorations I've ever seen. Beautiful inside and out. Be sure you slow down on those photos.

Looking forward to the next one.

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