An arrest was made Saturday night by Texarkana Police when they were informed by citizens that a man was posting on Facebook Live with threats of finding and ambushing a police officer that was on patrol alone. 

TTPD arrested Aaron Swenson, 36, of Texarkana Arkansas, late Saturday night after a lengthy pursuit that ended in Hooks Texas. Swenson was posting on Facebook Live at the time saying that he was searching for an officer to ambush and execute according to a press release.  He was charged with Terrorist Threats Against an Officer, Evading Detention with a Vehicle, and Unlawfully Carrying a Weapon. 911 calls were made from people who had seen the Facebook Live video.


In the live feed, a man allegedly said that he was driving in the Texarkana area searching for a police officer alone so that he could ambush them. Officers were able to view the live video feed and quickly determined that he was driving a late model black Chevrolet truck in the area of St. Michael Drive just west of I-369. At one point, the man could be heard saying in the video that he had just passed an officer on the service road but was having to turn around to go get him.


Several officers responded to the area and located a similar vehicle as it turned onto Kings Highway from St. Michael Drive. During a high-speed chase, police caught up with the vehicle in the Hooks area. He was eventually taken into custody without incident. He was wearing an armored plate carrier type vest when arrested, and officers found several weapons inside his vehicle.

Swanson is being held in the Bi-State Jail. His bond has not yet been set. You can read about the entire incident on the Texarkana Texas Police Departments Facebook page.

If you ever see something on social media that is disturbing and could lead to a violent situation always call 911. Citizens that alerted police of this incident were able to alert police in a timely manner with no one getting injured.

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