Guys, this is for you but ladies feel free to chime in anytime. My wife does some quirky stuff, the good news is she doesn't mind me sharing. So here we go... 

My wife, God love her, does this little thing with her purse every time, no exceptions. When we go shopping, whether it's groceries or whatever, if there's a basket (buggy) to put your stuff in then her purse has a treat in store while we're in the store.

The purse goes in the small part of the basket that's made for that, no surprise there, but does your wife put down the little plastic bed thingy before dropping her purse in there? Mine does. Makes me chuckle every single time because I'm always watching to see if she does it... and she does.

One day I'm going to get a basket that doesn't have one just to see if she makes me go back and get another one.

Is this an OCD thing? Do they have to make a little bed for their purse?

Just curious.


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