When was the last time you purchased something that had a recall on it? It may have been more recent than you think. This is a list of Amazon recalls recently purchased in the Great State of Arkansas. 

Usually, when you send something back, whether to Amazon, Walmart, Target, or wherever, it's because it didn't fit, or it was poorly made, or something arrived broken. Amazon's daily total sales, estimated by Google AI, are around 1.6 Billion... per day. That translates to almost $900 Million or 66,000 orders per minute. Those figures are staggering.

So, one can imagine how much gets returned on a daily basis. The estimations for that are between 5 and 15%, but nobody who knows for sure is telling. I don't care if the return numbers are 2%, when you're pumping out 1.6 Billion a day in sales, that's a lot of stuff coming back to you.

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Thanks to Federal Agencies like the US Product Safety Commission, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, US Food & Drug Association, and the US Department of Agriculture, product and food safety recalls are issued all the time.

Amazon's recall policies are pretty straightforward, they investigate every issue and stay on top of all notices that come in. Some items will need to be sent back to Amazon, some things to the original manufacturer, and others you may just need to throw away. Each recall is different.

Take a look at the products below and see if anything matches up with your recent purchases at Amazon.com.

25 Amazon Items Sold in Arkansas That Have Been Recalled

Safety is usually the main reason for these recalls, so if you buy a lot of stuff from Amazon, you should check this list.

Gallery Credit: Joe Cunningham

Many happy returns.

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