Comic book legend and Superhero creator Stan Lee passed away today, November 12, 2018, a sad day in the comic book and superhero movie world for sure. Several years ago my wife and I were at a Comic Convention in Dallas or San Antonio or somewhere... and I dang near accidentally took him out myself. Let me tell you about the day I almost ran over Stan Lee. 

First, let me admit that I was not a big Superhero comic book fan growing up. I kinda got into Captain America a little bit because he showed up a few times in the "Howling Commandos" comics that I did read. But I will also admit that I love most of the Superhero films that have come out in recent years, and Stan Lee's characters have come to life for me as well so many millions of others. So make no mistake, I was a big fan of Stan Lee for many years before my "brush with Stan."

Here's the story:

Donna, Tyler and I were getting our picture taken with Alice Cooper at some Comic-Con a few years ago and we had just exited the drapped-off booth and were walking down the backside of the photo booth area to retrieve our photo when suddenly Bammo! there he was... Stan Lee, right in front of me. He had just emerged from a different direction into my path from a different curtain. I did the only thing I could, tried to stop before I ran over and stomped on Stan Lee! As luck would have it, thanks to my Spider-Man-like reflexes, I only brushed Stan Lee slightly. Whew, that was a close one! No need to thank me, citizen, NOT running over a 90+-year-old comic book and movie legend just seemed like the right thing to do.

You're welcome.

In all seriousness, Stan Lee has had such an amazing and positive impact on untold millions of fans all over the world for decade after decade after decade. The creations that came from his mind will live on for generations. You were a rock star sir. God rest your soul, and thank you so much for the years of entertainment.



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