One of the lakes Texarkana likes to congregate during the summer months is Lake Greeson and people have been asking, Will there be a fireworks show over the lake this year?

The answer is YES according to the Friends of Lake Greeson Facebook page.

"The fireworks last year were done by donations. It will be again this year. If anyone would like to make a donation to the city of Daisy, it would help make the show bigger and last longer." Carl Nelson, Friends of Lake Greeson.

The Daisy Community Independence Day celebration is slated for Saturday, July 3, at Daisy State Park. The fun begins at 6 PM with the Wild Card Band and what would a 4th of July celebration be without some good ol' American food? Hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, and drinks will be served.

4th of July Picnic Table - Hot Dogs
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Bring your lawn chair for an amazing fireworks display over the lake beginning at 9 PM presented by Big Boom Pyro. Like last year, organizers are hoping to broadcast music over an FM transmitter so you can tune in on your boat or car while watching the fireworks.

Donations are appreciated with all money raised to go toward Daisy City Park.

To make a donation or for more information, please call the following.

  • Lisa Cogburn - 870-223-2892
  • James Cogburn - 870-828-1210
  • Becky Frazier - 870-681-1401
  • Dawn Friedman - 870-828-8597

More information on the Friends of Lake Greeson Facebook page.

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