Just a word to the wise, and I'm using the term "wise" loosely! It might not be the best idea to buy something from someone in a parking lot. A woman in South Carolina is kicking herself in the "you know where" right now!

She thought she was buying an iPad from two men that approached in a McDonald's parking lot (red flag #1). They were asking $300 for it (red flag #2), but when she said she only $180 they said O.K. ( BIG RED FLAG #3). Looks like she didn't check to see what she bought, because it was only when she got home that she realized the iPad was really just a block of wood painted black with an Apple logo painted on it! The picture is even worse, it looks like it's a burnt block of wood! How embarrassing! Personally, if that had happen to me, I don't think I would be admitting this one! Just chalk it up to a lesson learned, a $180 lesson.

Check out the picture of the "iPad" here.

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