The Caddo Area Council and Diamond Girl Scouts of Arkansas will host Scout-O-Rama at Spring Lake Park on Saturday, April 2. Opening ceremonies begin at 11:30AM with dignitaries from Arkansas and Texas. The public is invited to attend all the events during the day.

This will also be the first year for the Caddo Area Council BSA ICS chili cook off. The rules are administrated and sanctioned through the International Chili Society, (ICS). You can learn more about the cook off here.

You can purchase a bowl for just $5 from any area scout. Just ask. The scouts are using the money to raise funds and learn how to pay their own way through scouting, and life for that matter. Proceeds to enable scouts to go to summer camp, buy uniforms and books, camping gear and much more. So please purchase a chili bowl from a scout.

There will also be a fireworks show after dark.

Other great events taking place at the 2016 Scout-O-Rama include:

  • National hot air balloons overhead.
  • Native American crafts and dance with the Texas Connection out of Houston.
  • Regional scout craft including rope bridge, pioneering projects, canoeing, cooking demonstrations, knot tying, pine wood derby, soap box derby and more.
  • Pre-1840s pioneering from Venture Crew 3, here in Texarkana.
  • Time capsule from 2011. Scouting Museum.
  • Tomahawk throwing and more.

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