Miller County Sheriff's Office is actively searching for a man who has been reported missing in Miller County.

Robert William Brown Jr. has been missing since Thursday, February 29.

He was last known to be at a house at the end of Private Road 1209 in Texarkana, Arkansas.

Arkansas Department of Public Safety
Arkansas Department of Public Safety

Rober Brown was last seen possibly wearing a hat and jacket like the ones posted in the photo.

Several agencies were seen over the weekend covering a large search area of around 250 acres.


The Miller County Sheriff's Office posted on their Facebook page yesterday Sunday March 3,

Continuing more operations today more dogs and more teams have arrived bigger than yesterday. Have civil air patrol plane in the air when it clears up. Civil air patrol has 3 ground teams here. Red Cross is here, they provided breakfast. Baptist men Association is providing lunch. Grant county search and rescue is here Howard county, Search And Rescue Teams here. Christian aid ministries is doing the search planning. They are from Arkansas and Oklahoma. Bowie county search and rescue team is and Bowie county dog team. Arkansas game wardens are here. Sebastian County search and rescue is also here.


Robert William Brown Jr is 77 years old and has brown hair cut in a crew cut and blue eyes. He is 5 foot 10 inches and weighs approximately 170 pounds.

If you see him or know anything about his disappearance please contact 911 or the Miller County Sheriff's Office at (870) 774-3001.

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