Enjoy two evening performances by the American Shakespeare Center 2018/19 Hand of Time Tour of Williams Shakespeare’s “The Winter’s Tale” and “The Comedy of Errors” at Historic Washington State Park.

Performances begin at 7:30PM with a Pre-show performance at 7PM in the 1940 WPA Gym. Doors open at 7PM On Friday, March 1, The Winter’s Tale will be performed. On Saturday, March 2, The Comedy of Errors will be performed.

The American Shakespeare Center brings a unique performance style, blending Shakespeare’s stage craft with modern sensibility. The company uses Shakespeare’s staging conditions including universal lighting, minimal sets, doubling, cross-gender casting, and music. In Shakespeare’s day, the company couldn’t turn the lights out on the audience; actors and audience shared the same light. Leaving the lights on allows for a type of audience contact rarely seen in modern day theatre. Audience members share directly in the action onstage as they become part of the play in The Winter’s Tale, and The Comedy of Errors.


Four afternoon workshops on Saturday, March 2, led by the American Shakespeare Troupe, will be provided covering topics of how to perform Shakespeare on the modern stage. They are: Staging Shakespeare at 11AM; Staging the “Bear” Scene in Shakespeare at 1PM.; Music and Shakespeare at 2:30PM.; and How to Stage “Twins” in Shakespeare at 4PM. Workshop admission is $5 per person for ages 14 and older.

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