First of all, let me just say I hate snakes. Imagine you're out mowing your grass and you see something that looks like a snake but as you get closer you realize it's something else instead.

As reported by McClatchy News, the sightings of hammerhead flatworms have been occurring in droves in the Dallas-Forth Worth area after recent rainstorms. Talk about creeping me out, "literally" these aren't your average worms either, we're talking this invasive worm species that can grow up to a foot or more in length. This reminds me of that Reba McEntire sci-fi movie "Tremors," but unlike that movie, they don't come out and eat you but they can make you very sick if you pick one up unprotected due to the neurotoxins in their body. Pets are really more susceptible to getting sick if they try and eat one of these invasive creatures according to the Texas Invasive Species Institute. The hammerhead worms get their name because the shape of their heads resembles a hammerhead shark. These worms tend to feed mainly on earthworms that are known to help our ecosystem so not only are they a menace to society but to our environment as well. See a photo from the Facebook post that went viral.

So, if you spot one do not cut them in half because within 10 days they will form another head due to their reproduction fragmentation and you'll then have two hammerhead worms. Texas Invasive Species Institute says to insure disposal to place it in a sealed baggie with salt and freeze it for 48 hours then trash it.

What will you do if you spot one of these in your backyard?

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