Dirt work is underway and construction is set to begin on the new Texarkana "Steak n' Shake" restaurant location. You can almost smell those famous Steakburgers now!

Steak n' Shake via Facebook

The new restaurant will be next to Red Lobster on North Cowhorn Creek Loop.

Steak n' Shake was founded by Gus Belt back in 1934 in Normal Illinois. Belt was the original pioneer of the "premium burger" concept... and he LOVED milkshakes, especially hand-dipped shakes that the company is partly known for.

Steak n' Shake celebrates 80 years in business this year.

The company's mission statement from their Facebook Page...

For over 75 years, Steak 'n Shake's name has been symbolic of its heritage. The word "steak" stood for STEAKBURGER. The term "shake" stood for hand-dipped MILK SHAKES. Gus Belt was determined to serve his customers the finest burgers and shakes in the business. To prove his point that his burgers were exceptionally prime, he would wheel in a barrel of steaks (including round, sirloin, and T-bones) and grind the meat into burgers right in front of the guests. Hence arose the origin of our famous slogan, "In Sight It Must Be Right."

More details on an opening date soon.

Steak n' Shake via Facebook

(TXK Today)