As much as I am excited that the Super Bowl is on Sunday,  I'm also a little bummed out because that means the close of the NFL season.What's a guy gotta do for the next several months until another football season rolls around? With the most highly watched sporting (or non-sporting) event in America and the world this Sunday, I think it's  time to make your picks.

Right now, San Francisco looks like a slight favorite to win it all, but it's certainly close enough that, come game day, either team could be Vegas's choice. Pretty much a toss up at this time if you ask me.

Of course all the focus leading up to game has been the two teams' coaches being brothers, the rise of Colin Kaepernick from Alex Smith's backup to possible Super Bowl winner in half a season, and future Hall of Famer Ray Lewis's final appearance on the field. I just hoping this game will be a good one and not lopsided like so many other Super Bowl games in the past. Sometimes I feel that the playoffs are more exciting than the actual big game.