Everybody in this town loves Whataburger! So, what if I told you that tonight (Sept. 30) they are introducing an all-new Breakfast Burger at participating locations.

That's right, the all-new Breakfast Burger features a 100% beef patty, Whataburger’s one-of-a-kind Creamy Pepper Sauce, two slices of savory bacon, a freshly-cracked egg, three crispy hash browns, and American cheese, all conveniently sandwiched in a 4” bun. The Creamy Pepper Sauce is also available as a dipping sauce. Am I making you hungry?

Beginning at 11pm tonight,tthe new sandwich will be available for a LIMITED TIME on thier breakfast menu from 11PM - 11AM daily. Catch a live event introducing the sandwich on their Facebook page tonight from San Marcos beginning at 9:30PM.

Are you in? Let the lines begin!