Thank goodness we did not see an explosion of cases here in the Ark-La-Tex after the July 4th weekend as many feared. The numbers in the Bowie, Cass, and Miller County areas have increased some for sure but nothing near the panic levels the media and Feds want you to think. Again, hospitalizations are up just a bit in our zone F in Texas, increasing from around 3% to 4.43%. Remember the threshold for shutting things down again is 15%.

The six-month numbers are in the charts below so you can visualize how much better things are as compared to the first of the year. Keeping things in perspective is the goal. Yesterday in Texas there were 29 COVID deaths, six months ago there 350 - 400 per day. Losing 29 more souls is still tragic, but again, a much better position than we were in in January. Texas hospitalizations six months ago were over 14,000, yesterday less than 2300 in the whole state.

Bowie County

In Bowie County, Texas DSHS reports 10 new cases and a total of 5290 confirmed positive COVID-19 cases with 9 probable cases, 226 deaths.

Fully Vaccinated age 12 - 64: 28%
Fully Vaccinated age 65 and older: 54%

Cass County

Cass County has 1 new case and a total of 1404, plus 8 probable cases, COVID death total of 84.

Fully Vaccinated age 12 - 64: 26%
County Fully Vaccinated age 65 and older: 48%

State of Texas

Age 12 and over % Fully Vaccinated: 51%
Age 65 and over % Fully Vaccinated: 74%

Miller County

Miller County reports 4508 cumulative cases, 30 active cases, 4439 recovered cases, and a total of 37, COVID-19 related deaths. (7/14/21)

Miller County Partially Vaccinated: 1.9%
Miller County fully Vaccinated: 9.5%

State of Arkansas

Partially Vaccinated ages 12 and up: 9.23%
Fully Vaccinated ages 12 and up: 39.86%

Vaccine Updates

Texarkana Vaccination Hub: Individuals may visit for updated information on vaccines.

Texas Department of State Health Services Vaccination Availability Map...
Click hereFor a quick reference, blue means it's in stock, red means out of stock. More from the Texas Department of State Health Services.

Texas State Data
Arkansas State Data

Free COVID-19 testing is available at 902 W. 12th Street in Texarkana, Texas from 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday. To make an appointment visit or call 877-862-4647.

Texarkana Area Chart Updates:

attachment-6-mo Cass County New Cases0714
attachment-6-mo New Fatalities0714
attachment-6-mo Bowie County New Cases0714
attachment-Bowie County New Cases0714
attachment-Cass County New Cases0714
attachment-New Fatalities0714
attachment-State Hospital Data - 6 MONTH0714


attachment-State Hospital Data0714
attachment-State Data - 6 month0714
attachment-State Data0714
attachment-TAF Hospital Data0714

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