Health care seems to be a hot button of debate these days, but Texarkana could use some help.

There are resounding voices on both sides of health care issues and sometimes it's enough to make your head spin. However if you strip the politics off of it, you're left with two basic factors; cost and service quality. This can vary from state to state, but on average Americans spend nearly $10,000 on health care every single year.

At least according to WalletHub's data.

They took a look at each state to determine which states are the best and worst for healthcare. Of course they looked at cost and service quality, but they also examined accessibility and outcome.

Texarkana could be doing better.

At least that's what can be gathered after looking at how well Texas and Arkansas performed in this study. Let's start with the good news, if you can even call good.

Texas landed at number 41 on the list. Although better than Arkansas, this is still toward the bottom of the health care barrel. There are some shining moments for the Lone Star State. Texas has one of the highest percentages of medical residents who stay in the state. However, Texas also has the lowest percentage of adults who are insured in the country and one of the lowest percentages of children who are insured.

In addition to this, Texas and Arkansas are some of the top states for adults who haven't visited the dentist in the past year. (Guilty!)

Arkansas ranked in at number 48 overall and is one of the worst states for health care. Although one of the states with the most hospital beds per capita, Arkansas still has some work to do when it comes to overall health care. I guess that means I should call my dentist... As soon as I find one haha!

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