There are two family fun events coming to the Texarkana Ace of Clubs House at 420 Pine Street. This weekend the Ace of Clubs House will be celebrating their 50th Anniversary!

The Texarkana Museum System and the historical Ace of Clubs House will be hosting a Ping Pong Tournament on the lawn beginning at 6 PM. Immediately following the tourney an outdoor movie "Forrest Gump," will be shown. The movie is $5 per person and concessions will be available. The Ping Pong Tournament is free to play.

Make plans next weekend on Saturday, May 29, as the Scooby-Doo Gang needs your help in solving a who-done-it crime.

Storyline: The Texarkana Historical Society is working to open the city's first museum when strange things start to occur that cause a delay in the museum opening. Is it an accident or sabotage? Can you help solve the mystery? Sponsored by the Texarkana Museum System.

Get your tickets now for this very special Scooby Mystery Party on their website. And while you're at it, you may want to learn how to dress like Daphne.

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