Texarkana, Texas Police Officers have arrested a local woman for theft after she allegedly attempted to pawn several boxes of stolen ammunition.

On Thursday, May 14, 2015, Detective Kim Weaver was inside Superior Pawn and Guns in Texarkana, Ark., recovering property from an unrelated case. While she was there, Deborah Conway, 50, of Texarkana, Texas, entered the store and reportedly placed 25 boxes of ammunition on the counter. Det. Weaver knew that a theft had occurred a short time before at Academy Sports and became suspicious of Conway.

Det. Weaver contacted the assistant manager at Academy Sports by telephone while Conway waited at the counter. Det. Weaver requested that Texarkana, Ark., Police Officers respond to her location and then approached Conway to ask her about the ammunition.

Conway allegedly told Weaver that she had removed it from a relative’s garage in Ashdown, Ark. The Academy Sports assistant manager was able to quickly review their video surveillance footage and provided a description of both the woman and the items that had been stolen. Conway fit the description and the items she was attempting to sell also matched.

Conway was arrested by the Texarkana, Ark., Police Department at the scene for "Theft by Receiving" and was transported to jail. On Friday, May 15, Conway was transferred to Texarkana, Texas Police custody and arrested for "Theft under $1,500" with two prior convictions, which is classified as a state jail felony.

Conway is currently being held the Bi-State Jail pending a bond being set by a magistrate.