Texarkana Arkansas Police are asking for your help in a Hit and Run incident that occurred on Tuesday, March 22, at a parking lot at Walmart on the Arkansas side

The vehicle involved in the crash is believed to be a Ford Edge 2006-2012 model driven by an unidentified white female or male passenger, possibly elderly that collided with three other vehicles in the parking lot. After investigators watched video footage from the security cam, it appears that the person or persons involved were in the parking lot for several minutes before the crash occurred seen driving around looking as though they may have been lost or confused, based on the speed at which it hit a parked vehicle and knocked it from the lot into a grassy area nearby. The driver of the vehicle then collided with two other vehicles before leaving the scene almost running into a third vehicle.

There appears to be a Texas license plate on the front, and the driver was seen left heading westbound on Arkansas Blvd towards North State Line Avenue. The vehicle should have damage on the front and possibly the driver's side. The vehicle appears to be white or silver in color.

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Anyone who can identify the car or the driver of the car can contact the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department by reaching out to Corporal Les Munn at 903-798-3703.

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