A Texarkana police officer and a Texarkana woman are recovering from dog attacks on Friday evening.

Officer Flores was called to a house at the 700 block of Wilson Street on Friday evening. The call was about a woman who two dogs had attacked. As Flores was coming up to the house two large pit bull mix dogs charged and attacked him.


According to the TTPD Facebook page,

He was able to hit one with his flashlight but was quickly overwhelmed by their attack. They knocked him down to the ground and continued to maul him until Officer Matthew Lindsey got there shorty afterwards. Lindsey was afraid that he couldn’t shoot the dogs without hitting Flores but was able to get them to stop the attack by spraying them with his fire extinguisher. Realizing that Officer Flores wounds were serious, Officer Jose Chavez quickly loaded him into his patrol unit and immediately took him to the hospital.

The officers did have to shoot one of the dogs to disable it but not kill it when it charged at the Animal Control Officers. The other dog was caught without incident.

Angela Waye
Angela Waye


Officer Flores suffered serious injuries to both of his arms from the dog bites including muscle damage to one arm and 23 lacerations to the other arm. Flores went through surgery to remove a small amount of the exposed muscle, otherwise, the doctors said everything appeared to look good. There is still the possibility of nerve damage. Officer Flores was discharged from the hospital yesterday.

Emergency lights at night

As for the woman that was attacked she was also admitted to the hospital and was listed in stable condition Saturday morning. We have no further updates on her.

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