So I was at Target shopping the other day and I noticed something different in the parking lot I haven't noticed before. It's Target's new Drive Up lanes where customers can order online and pick up their orders by driving up into the lanes and pulling out without having to leave their car. Talk about convenience!

Many stores have this option now but a lot of the stores just have a designated parking space for pickup while Target offers this unique drive thru option that is now available in Texas and a few other southern states. Target is hoping to expand this nationwide by the end of the year. In an age where more and more customers are shopping online, it only makes sense that Target would do this for the convenience of their customers. Because after all we're all living life in the fast lane.

Townsquare Media, Mario Garcia
Townsquare Media, Mario Garcia

The new service in Texarkana's Target just went into effect recently and I had a chance to talk with assistant manager Jonah Slayton about the latest trend in shopping. I apologize for the wind noise.

The most unique experience about ordering online and picking up at Target is that you can order anything from their mobile app, unlike another retail chain where you can only oder groceries for pick up outside. The good thing about Target there is no limitation of what you order, it can be multiple items or just one item. "It's all about making sure the customer is satisfied," said, Slayton.



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