Texas A&M University-Texarkana and TEXAR Federal Credit Union just announced they have entered a new academic partnership that will give TEXAR employees the chance to receive discounted tuition at TAMUT.

The partnership was signed on Thursday, February 1 at the TEXAR Federal Credit Union, 2301 Richmond Rd. in Texarkana.

Photo by Leon Seibert on Unsplash
Photo by Leon Seibert on Unsplash

TEXAR President and CEO Kelly Mitchell said in a press release,

I could not be more excited to enter an arrangement with Texas A&M-Texarkana to benefit our employees and our community.

Partnership of business concept. Business network.

A&M-Texarkana President Dr. Ross Alexander said,

Partnerships like the one forged here today are an integral part of our university’s commitment to serving our local community by meeting the educational needs of students at every level.





With this new partnership, full-time employees of TEXAR will receive a 25% discount on tuition. This goes for undergraduate, graduate, certificate, or micro-credential programs delivered in-person, online, or through a hybrid format. Plus, eligible employees can receive the First Flight Scholarship. This scholarship allows a new student their first class free if they take a minimum of at least 6 hours at the undergraduate or graduate level.

Mature Student Using Digital Tablet In Adult Education Class

Employees of TEXAR need to not only meet the admission requirements but they will also need to stay in good academic standing.

You can find out more about this academic partnership and all the other academic partnerships offered with several businesses in the Texarkana area at www.tamut.edu/partnerships.

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