Look, you know you're gonna go places this summer, maybe even places around Texas, when you do travel Texas here's a little else you can throw into the mix and have a little fun while you're there. The Great Outdoor Scavenger Hunt 2021.

The Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine’s Great Outdoor Scavenger Hunt (GOSH) returns for another year of summer fun across the great state of Texas. When you're out there traveling to various locations all over the state, take a selfie wherever you go and post it with the hashtag #GOSH2021. So while you're out there discovering Texas history, wildlife, parks, waterways and quirky attractions, or iconic Texas food stops as a “bonus” to enjoy along the way. The GOSH 2021 challenge ends at midnight on Labor Day, Sept. 6.

GOSH2021 - Dallas Area Map
GOSH2021 - Dallas Area Map

Select from six regions, including Dallas, Central Texas, Houston, Panhandle, South Texas and West Texas. Register on the Texas Parks and Wildlife Magazine website or the TPWD Facebook Page, then find the spot, take a smiling selfie and tag it on Twitter or Instagram. Participants can also post and tag it on the TPWD Facebook Page with #GOSH2021. Partakers can visit locations regionally or statewide and complete one or all GOSH activities.

"We are so ready to have fun outdoors again," says Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine editor Louie Bond. "GOSH inspires those day trips that make lifelong memories. Pack the ice chest and your swimsuits and hit the road for a summer of fun. Share selfies everywhere you go, and you'll have bragging rights at Thanksgiving for being great Texas adventurers."

See how to enter, rules, where to upload your selfies and more information on challenge locations regionally or statewide at TPWD GOSH 2021.

Central Texas GOSH Map - Texas Parks and Wildlife
Central Texas GOSH Map - Texas Parks and Wildlife

There's so much to see and do around Texas, trying to do it all would be difficult at best, but regionally? Not too hard. If you complete activities regionally you will receive a TPWD certificate and a shout-out in a future issue of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Magazine. Participants that complete all 30 activities (36 with bonus activities in each category) on this year’s TPWD Great Outdoor Scavenger Hunt, will receive a downloadable certificate and a two-year digital subscription to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Magazine, plus some seriously epic bragging rights.

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