One study looked at who's insured and who isn't across the country.

Insurance is just that... insurance. You pay into it hoping that one day you will never have to use it, but confident that it will be there if you every do. Health insurance and healthcare is a hot button in the world of politics, but we're not here to make you think one way or the other.

These are just simple numbers of who is insured and who isn't. recently posted the results of their latest survey of "Uninsured Rates by State." To take it further than just the number of those without coverage, they also looked at those number over time. Let's take a look at just 2016.

When we wrapped up last year, Texas had the highest rate of uninsured individuals. They ranked at number 50 on WalletHub's list. As for the rest of the Ark-La-Tex, Louisiana didn't fare much better as they ranked at number 41. Arkansas however, found themselves in the top half of the list... barely. They ranked at number 24.

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