I always thought "fun" was in the heart of those who seek it, but apparently it can be measured and ranked.

What's life without fun, am I right? No one wants to stumble through this life scowling. Fun is something that we long for. We seek it out in daily activities, vacations, sporting events and even ditch work for it... shhhh, don't tell my boss. We. Need. Fun.

Many would argue that fun can be found anywhere, but which cities are considered the most fun?

Thanks to WalletHub, we have tangible evidence as to which locations offer the most fun. In their list of "The Most Fun Cities in the US" they took a look at the largest cities in the country, measuring things that are known to be fun. These are key metrics like movie prices, hours of breweries and even number of fitness centers (Wait, I thought this was supposed to be "fun" activities). Regardless, this is what they found.

Texas is having a whole lot of fun!

Now, Texas wasn't in the top 10 or even the top 15, but the sheer number of cities on this list of 150 cities should easily put them in the higher ranks. 15 cities in Texas are on this list. Austin and Houston made it into the top 20 at numbers 18 and 19 respectively. The next on the list is Dallas at number 29.

Here's how the rest of the Lone Star State shook out...

32. San Antonio
73. El Paso
77. Plano
91. Fort Worth
96. Arlington
103. Amarillo
122. Garland
125. Corpus Christi
130. Irving
131. Lubbock
144. Laredo
149. Brownsville

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